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How to order off a matrix from Colonial

Please send a PO to your CSR listing the following specs:

1. Paper Specifications: Cover or Text, Weight, Points for Board, Gloss/Silk/Offset, Color, Texture

    a. If the paper is different than the standard stock used for Matrix work, a custom quote might be needed.

2. Inks: 1/0, 1/1, 4/0, 4/1, 4/4, PMS Spot Colors (list colors)

3. Aqueous based coating desired if included in Matrix Pricing (not available for 

    digital matrices)

a. Gloss, Matte, Soft-Touch

4. If a book, please include # of pages on PO.

5. Quantities

6. Ship Location

7. Pricing that matches requested product and add-ons.

    a. Add-on pricing on page 4

8. For board jobs; please include die number

9. Indicated the number of overs accepted


If the specs of your job do not match what is listed on the matrix, a custom quote is needed. Please email your CSR/Salesperson the following information for Colonial to get a quote out as soon as possible:


1. Project Size: Flat Size/Finished Size

2. Paper Specifications (see above)

3. Inks (see above)

4. Additional Finishes: Aqueous based coating desired, UV coating desired, type of Lamination, foil stamping, etc.

5. If book:

    a. Number of Pages

    b. Paper Specs for Cover/Inside Pages

    c. Book Binding Method: Saddle-Stitched/Perfect Binding/Coil/Etc.

6. Finishing: scores, perforations, folding, assembly, drilling, shrink wrapping (qty per bundle)

7. For Mailing:

    a. Non-profit or profit

    b. Address list supplied or needed

    c. If needed: List parameters (targeting by area, by business, by household demographics, etc.

8. Art Files: 

    a. Bleed included

    b. Supplied art files or Colonial design needed

9. Quantities:

10. Target Delivery Date