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Matrix Terms

1. Shipping included east of the Rocky Mountains, exceptions include shipping to residential addresses and lot pricing for digital matrices.


2. Prices are subject to change depending on review of live data and costs of raw materials.


3. Please be sure to check file specifications sheet for acceptable formats. Any files not in an acceptable format may incur additional fees. Any additional work required in pre-press to make a file print-ready may be charged at market rates.


4. Canceled orders can be billed for production and labor costs incurred prior to cancellation.


5. Colonial will not pay for expedited freight in the case of production delays.


6. Colonial is not responsible for maintaining digital copies of artwork. Customer-requested changes to files may result in additional charges at market rates for design work. Customer-requested changes must be communicated in writing.


7. Proofs can be sent via email for digital proofs and mail for Epson proofs. It is the customer’s responsibility to check proofs in their totality. If errors are found post- production that were not communicated to Colonial during the proofing stage, they will be considered the customer’s responsibility and the job will be billed accordingly.


8. A reasonable variation in color will be deemed acceptable due to variation in equipment, paper, inks, and other conditions between proofing and the press-room. Please contact your sales representative for color critical jobs for a custom estimate. 


9. The accuracy of estimates is dependent on the information provided. Colonial retains the right to adjust estimates if submitted artwork or PO does not match the information provided for the original estimate.


10. Damaged product claims must be made in writing, no later than 15 days after delivery. If there is no claim made within this period, the job will be considered as accepted. Colonial liability is limited to the quoted selling price of the delivered goods.


Colonial is here to provide a customer centric printing experience. We are excited to work with and service all our customers and want that to be reflected in your customer experience. Matrix pricing is competitive pricing and only covers the production of the goods.